The One Percent Circle – Closed-Door Event With A Billionaire Businessman and 8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs

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“How A Closed-Door Event With A Billionaire Businessman (and 8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs) Can Open The Right Doors For You...” 

What can you learn from a very successful businessman who took one of his businesses from 0 to over 30 Billion in less than 10 years?

A lot.

And on the 30th of October, you will have the opportunity to sit in the same room with one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria right now...

  • ...ask him questions,
  • share your ideas with him,
  • ...and get practical feedback from somebody who walks the talk.

But that’s not all.

Even before you start asking your questions…

He’s going to take the stage and share some of his biggest lessons that can help you make a small fortune for yourself every month.

What you will learn from this Billionaire and the kind of connection you will make by being around him that day...can eventually help you achieve your goals (financial or otherwise)

In a minute, I will tell you how you can attend this event without spending a fortune…

But first;

Let’s talk about what else you stand to gain from a closed-door event like this.

As you’ve probably come to realize…

Hard work is important but it’s not always enough.


You need to know the right people, you need to be talking to the right people.

And when you are in need of assistance or direction, you need to be asking for these...from the right people.

With the right connections…you get what you want faster

You’re probably still struggling because you don’t have the right connections

Whereas, some people who are not even as good as you...are getting all these opportunities.

And it’s not because they are smarter than you…

It’s just because they recognize the importance of knowing the right people.

Like them... are guaranteed to leave this closed-door event with your own contacts and connections that’ll come through for you in the coming months.

On that day, quality partnerships and connections will be made.

And if you are attending as a business owner, you can brainstorm ideas and ask questions on how to grow your monthly revenue.

You can even find really good marketers who will work with you personally to bring better results for your business.

If you are attending as a freelancer, you can find quality clients who are probably in need of your service.

Best part?

Some of the people that you’ve probably been thinking about meeting in person will be in this room.

And when you show up at this event…live,

You get to talk to them directly without having to send them unsolicited Cold DMs or Emails (which they’ll likely never open)


You’ll be able to see them, relate and connect with them both on business and personal level.


Let Me Introduce You To The Billionaire Businessman I Mentioned Earlier…


In fact, he doesn’t even need an introduction.

I mean…

The man single handedly took one of his businesses from 0 to over 30 billion in less than 10 years.

That’s definitely someone you should listen to.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with him in person…

And who knows, it could even be the start of something much more profitable for you in the long run.

Now of course,

Your conversation with this Billionaire businessman is not the only way to profit from an event like this.

The reason I say that is because…

Alongside Akin Alabi…

You are going to be meeting with 8 very brilliant entrepreneurs who hold their own...anywhere...any day anytime.

These are people who know a lot of influential people.

People that...if you play your cards right can happily help you get what you want without asking for anything in return.

This is how networking works.

Now, if you are wondering who these folks are…

Let me introduce them to you.

The first on the list is someone;

Who made over 20 Million selling a digital product to cold traffic (people who don’t know him from anywhere)

Czar Nnamani

Czar is a Copywriter, business consultant/coach and the founder of

He’s an idea machine and an execution beast. 

A 10-15 minutes talk with Czar will give you the clarity you most likely need, to grow your business.

He has created offers that generated multiple millions in sales and pure profits...especially on cold traffic!

For context, creating offers that are profitable on cold traffic (people who don’t know you or your business from anywhere)... a hard nut to crack, and if you can do this’d have an unfair advantage over your competitors.

And you can’t really do this effectively without having some basic understanding of copywriting..which you’d also learn from him.

In addition to that,

You’ll learn about long term thinking.

The 3 solid ways he’s used it to attain financial growth...and how you can use this same system to go from N0 per month to grossing over N1M per month...passively.

Czar is very passionate about making money online, growing a business and sharing the techniques that have worked for him over the years…

You’d definitely want to listen to him person.

Connect with him and ask him questions.

Next up is …

The first Nigerian and African to be appointed as a board member of Halifax International Security Forum, Washington D.C

J. J Omojuwa

J.J is the founder and chief strategist at Alpha Reach, one of Nigeria’s top digital media companies. 

He’s a famous international speaker and has been featured on so many reputable publications and Tvs like CNN and the likes.

He doesn’t speak a lot about online marketing but when you talk about building a “strong personal brand,”

JJ has done it and he probably knows way more than any other person when it comes to building a brand online.

Not just any brand, but building a brand that will gain both national and international recognition and give you access to an exclusive circle of well-connected folks.

He has over 1 Million followers on Twitter and almost 100k followers on Instagram.

And he’s verified on both platforms.

So when it comes to using your personal brand (aka your own stories) to create digital wealth from scratch….

There is nobody in my books who does it better than J.J Omojuwa

You may have your reservations about the man, and that’s fine.

But you can’t deny the fact that there’s a lot you can learn from him on using your stories to sell.

He even wrote a bestseller on the subject matter titled “Digital: The new code of wealth.”

An Amazon reader raved about the book and called it “the social media bible for Africans,” and I couldn’t agree more because it’s the whole truth.


Imagine seeing, sitting, learning and connecting with someone of this caliber?

Well, you don’t have to imagine so much because it’ll become your reality a few days from now.

Next up is a guy who has;

Made over $50,000 dollars from selling products on WhatsApp….

Tamilore Adewuyi

Tamilore is a WhatsApp marketing expert and a top affiliate marketer.

He has made over 50,000 dollars just by selling different kinds of products on WhatsApp (both digital and physical products)

He’s someone whose simplified marketing skill is enviable.

He’s equally a master at soft-selling (selling without selling)

No wonder Oloye Akin Alabi is always raving about him and his WhatsApp marketing expertise at every chance he gets.

He’s that good.

In this event...

Tamilore will show you how;

He made millions and is still making more just by replying to his WhatsApp messages and how you can do the same, right away...even if you’ve never made a single sale on any social media platform before.

Best part? 

You’d get to ask him questions personally and connect with him. 

You can even ask for his phone number so that you can learn from his WhatsApp status updates…

He regularly updates his status with a lot of valuable sales, business growth, and internet marketing tips.

Who knows? 

It may be your lucky day and he’ll actually give you his personal phone number.

Next up is someone who;

Grew his customers base from just 2 users to over 60,000 active users in 5 years.

Douglas Kendyson

Douglas is the founder and CEO of

Even though Selar is a 5 year company…with over 60,000 active customers....

80% of them (that’s 48,000 new customers) came on board in just the last 12-15 months.

His company recently crossed the 1 million dollar milestone in payments to African creators.

What changed?

What did he do differently to grow his customer base within a few months?

Well, Douglas will share that with you at the event.

He’ll also show you how to identify your profitable opportunities by listening to your customers the right way (that’s how was born)

In addition,

He’ll share some of the business secrets he has used to grow his business on a global scale, and answer all of your questions in detail.

You should really listen to Douglas speak in person

Next up is;

A seasoned entrepreneur whose wealth creation knowledge has helped many young people gain Financial Freedom...Using The Internet.

Chris Ani

Chris is the founder of An online education platform where people can go to learn new skills that they can make money with.

He is the founder of the first Bitcoin and crypto education platform-CryptoHub.

He is also a startup advisor, a crypto trading expert, investor and author.

In fact, he is what you call a serial entrepreneur.

On that day,

Chris will share some wealth creation secrets with you.

He’ll also show you…

How you can take advantage of the crypto industry now that it’s hot and use it to grow your money, business and other investments.

You’d get to sit with him, ask him questions and connect with him.

You should really take advantage of this and listen to Chris speak in person.

Up next on our list is someone whose marketing strategies;

Helped a company reach the 1 million dollars milestone as their head of growth marketing.

Milton Tutu

Milton is currently leading the growth and marketing team at (a digital platform that has paid out over 1 million dollars to product creators)

And this figure was achieved under Milton’s watch as Selar’s head of growth marketing.

That’s not all…

Milton has worked with reputable startups and international organizations and helped them 2x, 3x, 5x, even 10x their revenue.

Companies like; 

Imaginarium Global Creative; a highly-sought after digital marketing firm that handles the advertising campaigns of high networth clients like Central Bank of Nigeria, Zenith bank, Access bank, Ritesfood, ElectHer, etc


Digital Kairos (a digital marketing firm based in the United States)

Ultra Nigeria,

To mention but a few.

Milton will let you in on the Disruptive Marketing Strategies he has consistently used to;

* 10x sales for the top companies he’s worked for and with.

* Earn a huge list of referrals and interviews (both local and international)

He’d also show you how you can use these strategies to increase your income in the coming weeks and months.

You should really listen to him speak in person.

Next person on our list is someone who:

Made 7.9 Million just by selling Toothpastes!

Emmanuel Adiotu

 Emmanuel is a brilliant ecommerce merchant and an affiliate marketing expert.

He’a also a top media buyer (a media buyer is someone who knows how to run ads on different advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, etc)

He’s great at this sales thing. 

So great that…

During the pandemic, when everyone was seated at home worrying about their safety…

...when most businesses were struggling to stay open, let alone make sales

Emmanuel was still generating sales effortlessly.

In fact,

He made over 7.9 Million during the pandemic just by selling toothpastes! (that’s like one out of many)

He knows how to source and access HOT selling products that can give you high profit margins and commissions per sale.

So when it comes to using affiliate marketing and e-commerce to increase your income.. even if you are currently earning 0 Naira,

There is nobody in my opinion who does it better than Emmanuel Adiotu.

And he does it so effortlessly. 

Emmanuel will show you the sales strategies that worked and are still working for him…

Strategies that earned him so much money to the point where he bought 3 cars at the same time and put them on Uber to experiment how lucrative the “cab hailing” service is.

He’ll share with you;

The core things to focus on if you REALLY want to get good at selling,

And increase your income with affiliate marketing or e-commerce.

His presentation will open your eyes to a lot of lucrative opportunities around you...that you can quickly monetize (I mean, the guy literally made over 7M just by selling toothpaste!)

In fact, this one presentation alone can turn up your income to a level you never imagined possible.

Up next is someone who…

Took a fashion business from 200k per month to over 1.5 Million monthly

Jacinta Ebere

Jacinta Ebere is a Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer whose effective marketing techniques has earned her a healthy reputation in the industry.

She successfully revived some startups and individual businesses that were literally struggling to stay in business by handling their marketing campaigns.

She single-handedly took a fashion business that was struggling to survive from a few thousands a month to over N1.5 million.

And she’ll share some of the marketing and sales strategies that she used and still uses to get results for her clients

The good thing about this event is…

It’s not just about what you will learn….

It’s about the connections and that’s why you don’t need to learn everything that these people are speaking about.

But if you’re new to any of these ideas that they’ll be sharing...

It will now give you a clear picture of how these things work...even if you’re going to be focusing on only one thing.

As you can see,

This isn’t one of those typical N5K, N10K, N40K, or even N50K events.

And we put in a lot of work into getting all of these speakers to AGREE to be scheduled for this event.

Therefore, only 25 people will attend this event.

And all 25 people will be added to a private support group on WhatsApp.

Every single one of them will go home with an autographed copy of Hon. Akin Alabi’s bestseller “How to sell to Nigerians.”

But that’s not all..

When you attend this event...

You will be granted free access to a program that helps you to start generating more income than you are currently doing, by just pressing your phone.

It’s called the 72-hour Income Generator but it’s the newly updated version.

A program that could help you increase your income by up to N50,000 or more.. every Friday.

And it’s something you can set up in 72-hours or less.

That’s why it’s called the 72-hour Income Generator.

So how much can you expect to be earning from this program?

Well, from the results we’ve seen so far and with over N200 million paid out since 2018 to everyday Nigerians

You could expect a credit alert of anywhere between N50,000 to N100,000 or more in extra income every Friday...(that’s if you are willing to put in at least 2-3 hours of your time everyday) 

The owner, who is one of the most successful digital entrepreneurs in Nigeria, will single-handedly walk you through the system.

Inside the 72IG program:

  • You’ll get access to all the 72IG implementation training programs that will show you step by step how to get started right away.
  • You will get access to a copy and paste website. That is; everything has been done for you.

This isn’t the type of website you sit down for hours to build or pay someone tons of cash to build….

It’s something you can set up in less than 3 hours.

It’s just like opening a Facebook account...very easy.

  • You will also learn how you can use one email a day to earn an income by implementing consistently. 
  • You will be getting free advert samples that you can use to advertise on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, to sell your products and increase the amount you earn weekly.
  • You will also be getting access to the updated private Facebook support group for 72IG students.

This is very important because there is nothing as good as having access to a group of people who are committed to the same goal as you.

And when you get stuck, someone is always online to give you a helping hand.

Everyone you’d meet inside this private group for 72IG students, are serious people who are investing time and money into becoming successful...not freebie seekers.

You will be added to the 72IG support group so that you can have access to continuous support and advice from old members about growing your business and making more money.

  • You can even take what you learned from the 72IG program and apply it to your business, side hustle, career, or whatever it is that you are doing to earn an income.

Others paid N50,000 for this program., but you are getting it free

If you can make it to this event…

You’ll get Free Access to the 72-hour Income Generator implementation program.

And if you already have access to the 72IG program before now…that’s fine.

No problems, you can still attend this event live.

But if you don't have access to the 72IG program

I think you are going to find that this is one of the most valuable programs you will get your hands on.

And the reason I say that is because...

The person who created this has a company that has paid out over 200M to everyday Nigerians since January 2018...


If you can commit at least 1-2 hours everyday…

The financial rewards for you will be more than worth it


I’ve told you about what you stand to gain by being in the same room with Akin Alabi and 8 Brilliant entrepreneurs on October 30th.

I’ve told you about the kind of connections you can make and how what you learn can help you finally launch that successful business...

or finally take your income to the next level.

If everything I’ve said so far interests you one way or another…and you are already considering attending this event in person...

The question you probably have on your mind is;

“How Much Does A Ticket To This Closed-Door Event Cost?”

To get into Akin Alabi’s business mentorship program will cost you between $5,000-$7,000!

I could go on and on about the other 8 entrepreneurs who are usually very busy. 

They hardly have time.

And on rare occasions that they take on consulting clients or speaking engagements…

They charge 6 to 7 figures for their time.

But during this event...

You’ll get access to them for a full day.

So, even if we charged N700,000 per person…

It’ll still be a very good investment (for someone who sees the value)...

But we’re not setting the price at N700,000 or anything close.

Because we don’t want your budget to stop you from attending...and making solid connections that could change your life and pockets.

That’s why we’re setting the price at N100,000 per person

This gives you access to the entire event.

  • Access to this billionaire businessman and 8 other brilliant entrepreneurs that you can connect and interact with one on one, pick their brains and even ask for their contacts… (If you are bold)
  • An autographed copy of Akin Alabi’s business bestseller; “How to sell to Nigerians.”
  • Access to our private WhatsApp support group where you can always ask questions, do profitable collaborations and bond with other attendees...even after the event.
  • Access to the entire 72IG implementation program.

There are actually two different ways you can attend this event;

The first one, the way we recommend is obvious…

Pay for the event, attend it in person and make the most of it.

Because showing up at a closed-door event like this one is the best way we know to make life-changing connections.

What if I can’t attend this event in person?

If you live outside Lagos, you might find it difficult to travel down for the event.

In that case, we will record the event, put it in a flash drive and send it to you privately via one of these discreet dispatch companies.

So that you can watch it at your convenience and make the most of it.

You’ll be added to the support group.

You’ll also get free access to the 72IG program

The only thing you will miss out on which at this time we don’t have any solution for… the fact that you won’t have the opportunity to be there physically to be introduced to some of these people you’ve always wanted to meet and make these connections.

Or to personally ask Akin Alabi or any of the other entrepreneurs questions. 

And we can’t just go around sharing their contact details.

But if you are there, you can get their numbers personally.

And they will even remember you easily.


You’ll also get as much value when you receive your flash drive and watch it.

Whichever way you choose to attend, you are still going to be getting a lot out of this event.

The price is the same...N100,000

Although attending the event live and in person is a better option for you.

Because Events Like These Can Open The Right Doors For You..

So, if you are interested in making it to this event in person...or virtually.. that’s great.

You can look back 6 months even 3 months after the event and realize that;

Some of the things you’ve always wanted are already happening for you because of a few connections you formed when you attended this event.

Down below are two links you can pay with.

The first link is for those who already have access to the 72IG they’ll pay through that one.

The second link is for those who don’t have access to the 72IG program yet...they’ll pay through that one.

So, if you want to attend this closed-door event...

Make sure you register now because…

Registration ends by 12:00am on Monday 25th October 2021

 This way, we get to know the exact number of people that can make it to the event physically...and make adequate provisions for them.

See you in Lekki Lagos on Friday 30th October, 2021

Your Friend.

Tickets for this event will be unavailable in:


You missed out!



And if you don’t already have access to the 72IG program…



The event venue will be communicated to you when you buy your ticket.

For enquiries, payment issues or any other urgent challenge, please call 08165343125

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